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Jeel International Ltd main business activity is to provide energy solutions in Renewable Energy sector by supplying, installing and maintenance of Solar energy equipment with the aim of powering Tanzania by cost effective technology.

Jeel also provides services in the following business areas; Generator Power, Plumbing Systems, Water Pumps, Borehole Services and Water Treatment. In each of the segments mentioned we are equipped to supply, install, repair, maintenance and provide backup services.

Our unique features are quality, reliability and effective response in resolving different problems by providing sustainable solutions for related systems. That has been proven by the customers who chose Jeel to be their service providers.

Jeel has a team of experienced professionals in technical and management skills. These skills has been acquired from long term experiences from various employments and jobs undertaken.

           Jeel Solar Works

Jeel Solar Works is the in-house solutions-provider for all your Solar Energy requirements. We have in stock a wide range of lighting, heating and electrical backup solutions that will help you save and guarantee you energy even in the remotest of areas.

Our well-trained and experienced sales personnel move mountains to ensure you get the best solution custom-tailored for your need

Our always-on-call technical team are on standby to help you with installations, change-outs, and attend to all other technical queries related to our product range and how it can make your life easier

Your experience with our solar products is guaranteed to be stellar, and your satisfaction is a given

Join us, let us use the energy resources that are cheap, and renewable.

Save The Environment, Save The World