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Jeel International Ltd is a private equity owned firm, established in Tanzania in 2013 under Tanzania Companies Act 2002. The company address is P.O. Box 11816, and is located at Plot 64, Block M, Rufiji Street, Mwanza City. Our office is situated between J&A and Sumai Hotels.
Our business activities is mainly in Energy and Water related products and services. Main activities being the Design, Design, Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Solar Energy, Water Systems and Electro-Mechanical Equipment and Systems.


General Supply

We supply general fittings and materials mostly for plumbing and electrical applications. Jeel International ensures to provide you with quality products from reputable manufactures.

Maintenance services

We provide Quick response onsite Technical support and Maintanance

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Give us a call 24/7 at
Tel: +255 783 562 722 /+255 754 318 827




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With fifteenyears’ experience, we are confident that Jeel International Ltd is your best choice in the mentioned fields to offer exceptional level of service. With our experience, we strive to stay up to date with latest technology advancement and continue to educate and impart this knowledge to our clients.


Mission & Vision

Jeel International Ltd aspires to be the leading professional company with the highest standards in professionalism and integrity through the following key
company focal points:
>> T o p rovide quality, reliable and professional services that meets customer’s requirements and international standards.
>>  To always strive to improve our services by turning intelligent ideas into solutions with the aim of providing customer satisfaction and utilizing matching technology which can relate to the society.




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Our Services

Jeel International Ltd main business activity is to provide energy and water solutions by designing, supplying, installing and maintenance of equipment and services inour area of expertise. Jeel International Ltd provides the above-mentioned services in the following business areas; Solar energy Solar energy equipment (Solar Powered Pu equipment Solar Powered Pu Solar Powered Pumps, Solar Heating Solar Heating Solar Heating, Solar Street lights Street lights et lights, Solar Power Systems Solar Power Systems Solar Power Systems, Backup Systems ckup Systems ckup Systems, and Grid Connect Systems) Grid Connect Systems), Water Pumps, Water Pumps Water Treatment, Treatment Water Harvesting Water Harvesting Water Harvesting, Irrigation Irrigation Irrigation, Generator and Engine Power and Engine Power,Borehole Services Borehole Services Borehole Services,Plumbing Plumbing PlumbingandElectrical Systems Electrical Systems ctrical Systems. In each of the segments mentioned we are equipped to design, supply, install, install repair, plus provide plus provide plus provide backup services backup services backup services and maintenance. maintenanceWe also offer consultancy consultancy consultancy in our field of expertise and Energy Au Energy Audit Energy Audit.


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