Water Pumps

We have vast experience in the pumping industry and in dealing with well renowned
manufactures of water pumps and pumping systems.


Generators &

In order to provide a full packaged solution in our services our team is well equipped in designing
the Generators and engines required to power any electrical and mechanical equipment


Solar Energy Systems

As experts in the electro-mechanical field our company is well equipped and experienced to
provide energy solutions in the Solar industry.


Solar Energy Systems

Solar Water Heating, Street Lights, Water Pumping,Backup Systems

Water Pumps

Submersible Borehole pumps, Surface Booster pumps ,Domestic Booster pumps,Hand pumps,Irrigation pumps etc..


heavy duty and robust engines to power mechanical pumps for remote
areas where power grid is scarce

Accessories & Controls:

Control Panels ,Motor Protection Units , Pressure Control Equipment, Water Meters, Motors

Plumbing & Electrical Services

Jeel Int. can solve your general plumbing & electrical works and systems.

Irrigation and Water Harvesting

We are equipped with customized irrigation and water harvesting system solutions


Jeel International Ltd.

Jeel International Ltd is a private equity owned firm, established in Tanzania in 2013 Our business activities is mainly in Energy and Water related products and services. Main activities being the Design,Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Solar Energy, Water Systems and Electro-Mechanical Equipment and Systems.


Domestic pumps are Ideal for homes to maintain water pressure in taps and for general applications like watering for gardens and fountains.


Our pumps easily meet varied agricultural needs, be it drip irrigation, agricutural sprinkler systems or in the watering of fields


Our Pumps are used in industries for a variety of purposes that include Cutting & Grinding, fire-fighting, managing sewage, heating & cooling of systems etc.

Commercial Buildings

Jeels pumps is a major force in places like hotels, corporates, malls etc. where heavy pressure and boosting is required for Cooling, Heating etc.

“Jeel International Ltd is committed to give our clients quality service through the adoption & implementation of a demonstrable quality management system (QMS) which exceeds our clients’ expectations.
To that end we intending to provide service to any organization both governmental & non-governmental  who may require support in Electrical, Mechanical, Water, Solar, and Power related services. ”

 Ellson Malyi, Managing Director

Jeel International

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